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Glenn, where are you? Only 3 more episodes of TWD in 2015! We're getting desperate here!!!

Glenn, where are you? Only 3 more episodes of TWD in We're getting desperate here!

“Please let this not be true…” that you are gone Glen The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Is This Really the Last We’ll See of That Character?

Below are 4 Honest Marriage Vows That Should Be Made On The Wedding: 1. I vow to always move your shoes out of the middle of the floor, no matter how many times a day your feet decide to leave them there. 2. I promise not to spoil ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ for you — unless you seriously annoy me. 3. I promise to always listen, even when you ramble.

19 Honest Marriage Vows For New Couples On The Wedding

Ah, The Walking Dead. Doesn't matter what format it's in; comic, tv show or even motion comic, Lori is still as annoying as hell.

The Walking Dead in two pictures

Worst mother ever. How can she keep losing track of her only kid in a zombie apocalypse? Haha so true!

Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead

Pretty sure the moment where he found her hiding in one of the prison cells after everybody assumed she was dead is one of the best Daryl moments in Season Three. Just sayin'.

Image(s) of the Day: The Walking Dead character status and kill-count | Blastr--NOTE: this is now not current!!!!!!!!!! I pinned this a few seasons ago and that's when it was current. So, it does not have the correct info on who has died. Contact the original site this came from if you want someone to update it. It wasn't me! I pinned it because I liked it a long time ago!

THE WALKING DEAD Infographics Reveal Kill Counts, Who's Still Alive, and More. Some of the people that are still alive on this are actually dead too.

The Walking Dead funny meme. season 6 finale

McFarlane AMC Walking Dead DEPUTY RICK GRIMES Series 1 Action Figure NIP