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Learning and Exploring Through Play: Kids Pizza Delivery

Kids Pizza Delivery

Themed Pizza and Pasta fun for kids. From cooking the best pizzas in town, pizza delivery. Pizza Playdough and songs and games. This post is jam packed with lots of inspiration.

Our Plan B is much more logical than those inferior Cybermen and their ludicrous "pizza delivery plan." Dalek pizza is much more appealing.

Dalek Plan B. is it a fish fingers and custard pizza? No wait. This is not plan B, it's plan ZZZZZ

DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR.......I honestly didn't know quite where to pin this...it's frightening on one side yet comical to look at from this side...he must be really hungry

As if residents of Florida don’t have enough insurance concerns, research* shows that there is one alligator for every humans in the Sunshine State, by far the highest ratio in the country.

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