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Sharkskin inspires novel solutions to prevent HAIs

Megalodon Shark Tooth with Great White Shark Teeth.

Shark Skin: The toothlike scales called denticles (shown here) generate mini whirlpools that help to pull the shark forward.

Peau de requin

Shark skin scales have sand-paper like skin texture. Grooves between the scales allows water to pass through, reducing the turbulence during locomotion.

red sea coral by alexander semenov

In 'Living Stones', Alexander Semenov explores the different patterns and textures of stony corals in the Red Sea at high magnification.

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Sharkskin inspires novel solutions to prevent HAIs

Shark skin doesn’t pick up algae or barnacles. Copied skin, called, "Sharklet" is an engineered surface that inhibits bacterial growth, so it makes great devices like urinary catheters.

The world of microorganisms is a dynamic one and all forms of life depend on microbial metabolic activity. In fact, there are more microbes living on and in

Sharklet technology inhibits bacterial growth and survival and mimics the properties of shark skin. Today the technology is being used in numerous public settings including hospitals, child care and fitness centers.

Sharklet anti-bacterial pattern that can be used on plastics.

On the left is an image of natural shark skin – on the right is the Sharklet micropattern.

Seashells or spider silk: how nature could transform the structure of cities

On the left is an image of natural shark skin – on the right is the Sharklet micropattern.

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Shark-inspired surface reduces bacterial growth without causing resistance

The new Neoterix ST paper is not intended to be used as a final product, but instead allows manufacturers of devices to create surfaces with a Sharklet bacteria inhibiting micropattern. The paper is used like a mold for fabrics and laminates and is removed to reveal the final product.

Neoterix ST release paper from Sappi and Sharklet Technologies is inspired by the texture of.

Drosera regia: carnivorous

How To Cultivate Insectivorous Plants? Get TOP 3 Bestsellers Insectivorous Plants Books .

shark skin

Sharklet Technologies, LLC, an Alachua, Fla. firm, says that they have figured out a new way to control infections on artificial surfaces. After extensivel

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