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I love Winnie the Pooh he is my favourite kids book character his quotes are amazing and so sweet. I have a teddie bear version of him who was got before i was born and I can't sleep without him!

my parents used to read these books to me when i was young <3

ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS! I may never tell you enough how blessed I am to have you as my best friend, but remember pooh took the words to describe you right out of my mouth. I love you best friend :)

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"A little consideration, a little thought for others makes all the difference." ~of my favorite donkey ever, Eeyore

This is one of my favorite sayings of all time...I love Pooh and Piglet.  Best Friends Forever!

If you live to be I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you. Winnie The Pooh quote


May your music always take beyond your wildest dreams and keep your soul full of joy, peace and eagerness to fulfill all your dreams.so true doe

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Gotta love that Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh Quote B B B B love you my very best friend!


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A child can teach an adult three things. To be happy for no reason. To always be curious. To fight tirelessly for something.Paulo Coelho I really love this quote! It's true that children can teach us more than we thing and learn from them.

25 Heart Warming Quotes From Winnie The Pooh That Wll Brighten Up Your Day

25 Heart Warming Quotes From Winnie The Pooh That Wll Brighten Up Your Day

“I don’t feel very much like Pooh today,” said Pooh. “There, there,” said Piglet, “I’ll bring you tea & honey until you do.

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WINNIE THE POOH - you cant stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you.

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When you wake up in the morning. Pooh”said, Piglet at las

Oh pooh bear

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Disney - "People say nothing's impossible but I do nothing everyday." - Winnie the Pooh