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You know you're from Indiana when a field trip goes to Conner Prairie

This is one of those field trips that I always volunteer to chaperone.even when MY kids aren't going on the field trip ;

Bipolar weather

You know you're from Indiana when. [Can I just say this applies to Cedarville, OH as well?

You know you're from Indiana when... or the opposite problem.

You know you're from Indiana when. or the opposite problem.

Indiana weather...So true last week we had a 60 degree drop in temperature in one day-from 65 degrees to 5 degrees the next morning.

Know you're from Indiana- 24 hours, can cause several different seasons. They must mean Michigan! If u don't like the weather here wait 15 min!

Hahaha @misssexycool on the way back from Colorado

but personally. it makes me happy :) Indiana: The home state :)

The weather.

You know you're from Indiana when the seasons decide to go on the blitz for the…

Unfortunately... I can't seem to get Don's guns creepy laugh out of my head

Don from Don's Guns always ended his tv commercials with "I don't want to make any money folks, I just loooove to sell guns.