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That is the first thing I thought of as soon as I glanced at this. Seriously, you. Did. NOT.

Sooo the fangirl!<~~~ Unless it's the twilight series then bam you write on those books<<I Like Twilight, but I hate it when someone writes in a book.<<<<<No True fangirl likes twilight

Happily, all my men are/have been readers. But yup, anyone who issued this ultimatum would be history!

Sorry, but I'd definitely choose books. If anyone gave me an ultimatum between books and them, I'd choose books

*Laughs hysterically, and then sobs uncontrollably


That's what I thought when reading the hunger games, katniss didn't die (thank gosh) but then I read divergent and thought the same thing, but then allegiant was written from tris and Tobias's view and I thought oh no.

Josh must be remembering the old Peeta and Prim and Finnick and Cinna. I CANT TAKE IT ANY MORE *crys*

Writing tip: Can't decide how to finish your next novel? Kill everyone! (Or let them live happily ever after, Disney-style)

Do not underestimate us because we have the power to read and destroy anyone who insults our fandom

When someone insults my fandom. Going thought the stages: Shock, Rage, and Attack. Some of My fandoms: PJO/HOO, HP. The Selection, etc.

Characters like Tobias Eaton, Jace Wayland, Uriah, Finnick Odair, Minho, Thomas, Newt, Gale Hawthorne and Augustus Waters

Seriously when you show me guys like Percy Jackson, Maxon Schreave, Jace Herondale, Augustus Waters, Daniel Wing and Tobias Eaton how does the rest of the male species compete? It's not fair to them!


Nerd Girl Problem 64 - People Think You Are Weird Because You Like To Smell Books.