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Martta Wendelin,

Martta Wendelin was a Finnish artist whose work was widely used to illustrate fairy tales and books, postcards, school books, magazine and book covers.

Danielson-Gambogi, Elin Kesäyö 1890.  Kansallisgalleria - Taidekokoelmat - Kesäyö

Danielson-Gambogi, Elin Kesäyö 1890. Kansallisgalleria - Taidekokoelmat - Kesäyö

huariqueje:    Sunset at Lake Tuusula  -  Pekka Halonen 1902  Finnish 1865-1933

Pekka Halonen Auringonlasku Tuusulanjärvellä [Sunset at Lake Tuusula], 1902

Akseli Gallen-Kallela in Africa 1910

Gallen-Kallela is said to have painted a large number of compact, brightly coloured and expressive works during his sojourn in Kenya, a country in which he is said to have 'rediscovered the joy of painting'

Kohtaamisia Kolilla | Eero Järnefelt - Maisemien ja tunteen maalari  Syysmaisema Pielisjärveltä, 1899

Erik (Eero) Nikolai Järnefelt November Vyborg – 15 November Helsinki) was a Finnish painter and art professor. He is best known for his portraits and landscapes of the area around Koli National Park.

Fanny Churberg (1845-1892) Talvimaisema, auringon mailleen mentyä / Winter landscape, the sun glanced lands 1880 - Finland

Talvimaisema, auringon mailleen mentyä by Fanny Churberg Finland

Painter and printmaker Nikolai Astrup, dedicated himself to creating a Norwegian visual language. His use of vibrant colors and illumination gives his pieces a romantic hue, revealing Astrup's undying love for his country.

Interview: Introducing the World to the Late Nikolai Astrup, the "Lost Artist of Norway"

England’s oldest public art gallery is to exhibit paintings by Norwegian artist Nikolai Astrup. This colour woodcut on paper is 'Marsh Marigold Night' dated