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Germany's view of the world atlas in 1914. Ян - Юмористические географические карты столетней давности

Carte de propagande pendant la guerre de The second of two maps by Karl Lehmann-Dumont, both published in Dresden in both called “Humoristische Karte von Europa im Jahre 1914

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Vintage Chic World Map Accent Canvas Pillow by kristyschicboutique

Antique Map of Paris, c1550.

Paris circa 1150 under the reign of King Henry II of France. Created by Olivier Truschet and Germain Hoyau.

Старинная карта мира

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NORSE CONTENT ALERT!  Detail of Abraham Ortelius' 1585 map of Iceland showing Hekla in eruption.

11 Hidden Spots to Enter the Underworld

Mount Hekla: Iceland's particularly active volcano developed a reputation as a gateway to Hell in the century, after its 1104 eruption.

Woodcut Maps, Washington, D.C by Mapbox, via Flickr

A week ago I posted screenshots of a woodcut inspired map I made. A lot of people asked for an interactive version, so I spent some time polishing the map for the entire world.

Corkboard Map

Corkboard Map

You could hang pictures of pictures from your trip on the location. Not sure how it would look on a neutral-colored wall, but the idea is great. You could probably spray paint the cork and get a cool effect.

#karttakeskus #maps

#karttakeskus #maps

Psalter World Map commissioned by Henry III in the 1230s

Psalter World Map, 1265 . considered one of the great medieval world maps, probably a copy of map that adorned King Henry III bed chamber / British Library