Naked Espresso, by John Noble - I loooove coffee and I need to get myself a proper old style espresso machine!

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15 Examples Of Incredible Barista Art

Funny pictures about Salvador Dali Coffee. Oh, and cool pics about Salvador Dali Coffee. Also, Salvador Dali Coffee.

The fine art of making espresso. "There are many things we can be thankful to Italy for. But among these fantastic cultural contributions is Italy’s crown jewel: the fine art of making espresso.

Espresso Brewing  The most beautiful thing...ever...

Every Coffee Lover looking at this wants this lovers appreciate good espresso. Heaven in a cup I say.

Café noir

An entry from SO IT WILL BE

I loved my morning coffee and occasional afternoon latte. I never thought of stopping, even though I knew that 'yogis don't drink coffee'. Then I did a ten day cleanse.

Café de la mañana இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ― ♥

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Coffee is healthy for body and brain

Coffee makes Coffee Lovers smile. Even coffee smiles when coffee is made. Its a coffee thing, Haters could never understand.