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George makes shelves similar to these out of reclaimed metal! It's an invisible floating bookshelf that holds the bottom cover of the bottom book. You then stack up to 20 lbs of books on top.

The books will be floating.Start hanging your book here

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Our ingenius Concealed Bookshelves create the illusion of your books seemingly floating in stacks up and across your walls.

5 ways how to optimize a small living room interior décor

5 Ways How to Optimize a Small Living Room Interior Decor

13. FROM BOOK TO SHELF There are some incredible and easy projects on this page. I'm going to install these book shelves in my bedroom reading nook.

Never Enough: Storage and Shelving DIY Solutions!

DIY "Floating Bookshelf" Add two tiny nails just under the brackets. Open the bottom book, and used the nail to hold the cover closed. This hides the bracket completely, making the bookshelf invisible.

world map canvas . oh the places you will go . 6 - 12x12's . custom colors . hand painted . original . dark charcoal gray grey, orange, blue

World map canvas . oh the places you will go . 6 - 12x12's . custom colors. hand painted original. navy blue, white, green, kelly green

Bill just hung one of these on my side of the bed--it's awesome!  We bought ours at The Container Store for about 11.00 and will probably buy or make more!

invisible book shelf

I did a version of this in my last place. Metal L brackets from a hardware store + pretty books = levitating bookshelf/wall art!

DIY Invisible Floating Bookshelves

When Apartment Therapy posted in the past about making your own invisible bookshelves here and here, one common concern of our readers was that it inevitably destroys a book

foreword – said the king / A minimal, single-serve shelf


Foreword by Said the King “ A minimal, single-serve shelf, Foreword keeps your favourite title within reach. Hang just one or in multiples. Shelve a book at a time, whether you’re in the middle.

Rubber shelves

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What a fantastic artsy idea! The problem: I have way too many books to make this a great option for me. Rubber Shelves by Luke Hart for The Sculpture House

You could also use cheap plastic tablecloths for this, as long as you secure them well. Read more about it here.

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Great use of old ladders

bookshelfporn: DIY Ladder Bookshelves To get this look, all you need are two ladders and some wood planks. Paint the ladders and the wood if you want, then slide the wood planks through the ladders so they are resting on the ladder steps.