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How to make papier-mache Easter eggs. Cute craft project for kids to play with.

Boil eggs, crack the shell, then reboil in colored water.    DRAGON EGGS!!! btw found this on Facebook

boil eggs, crack the shell, then reboil in colored water.these are awesome! I don't reboil I just let them some in food coloring and water. Best if you put a drop right in the middle of the crack in your egg before putting in water!

Bunny Bait by christy

Bunny Bait - popcorn, pretzels, Easter M&M's and white chocolate candy coating - yes please!

DIY Pantone Easter Eggs

These Pantone Easter eggs are perfect for a graphic designer's Easter egg hunt. The eggs, which were made by Jessica Jones of How About Orange, are partially dyed, precisely matched to a Pantone color in Jones' Pantone chip book and then completed

An adorable idea for your Easter brunch to create this darling place setting. Take a small plastic wine glass, fill it with a dinner napkin wrapped Easter egg and tie a ribbon at the top to make the ears. Watch the smiles spread

How to create bunny ear napkins with a candy-filled egg inside. Really random but you never know when you will want bunny ear napkins!

You know how terrariums are super in right now? Yes, they’re everywhere....  Read more »

How to make Easter egg terrariums

Bunny Bait! A fun and festive recipe your kids are sure to love!  http://fabulesslyfrugal.com/2013/03/bunny-bait-recipe.html

Bunny Bait

Funfetti Popcorn or "Bunny Bait' for easter. My mom does this with white chocolate chips melted instead of the candy melts this recipe calls for. SO SO good and very addictive when using Puffcorn than regular popcorn.

Toddler Approved!: Volcano Egg Dyeing  Materials Needed:        hard-boiled eggs      food coloring      vinegar      baking soda      paint brushes      some cups      big lipped plate or bowl      a cup of water  FUN!!

Volcano Egg Dyeing

Volcano Egg Dyeing-make paste with baking soda, water and food coloring, an dpaint on eggs. Then pour on vinegar for volcano eruptions!