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Kustavi / Summer / Finland / Suomi

Kustavi / Summer / Finland / Suomi

Two amazing months touring around beautiful Finland over the summer.

50 Ways Finland Made Me Smile This Summer

Here are 50 ways Finland made me smile in 8 weeks touring from northern Lapland to the south in our truck camper. An amazing Finland summer!

What about spending your vacations in beautiful #Finland ?

Read More About Finland. Always wanted to visit my friend Harri, maybe Helsinki?

Finland is truly magical in summer. Read our guide to 6 amazing things to do in Finland here http://globalhelpswap.com/things-to-do-in-finland/

Things to do in Finland in the summer

Finland is truly magical in summer. Read our guide to 6 amazing things to do in Finland.

Helsinki is often referred to as a hidden gem in Europe - and here are some things you need to experience if you ever visit Helsinki, including things to do, places to see and eat, and the best accommodation in Helsinki.

13 Unique Things to Do in Helsinki

Illustrated Map of Finland


Island holiday in Finland! Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland - Imgur

Summer Cabin in Lake Lohja, Finland

Tumbledown log cabin, middle of a lake, Finland. Literally all I want. Level it,patch it up a bit and I could happily spend all summer here!

Nordic Summer Road Trip Plans: Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Chasing the White Nights of Midsummer.

Nordic Road Trip Plans and Preparations

The North is calling again! On April we are embarking on an adventure I’ve dreamed of for a few years. We are heading to Denmark and Norway for a three-month trip where we hope to drive up to the Arctic Circle then down into.