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ive gotten into toe nail painting this year, i now find it to be incredibly cathartic. Color by mood or weather or season. never fingernails, only toenails. makes it fun for my barefooted nature to have an extra splash of liveliness wherever i go

Ombre {trending in fashion and home

Ombre nails how-to nails ombre nail ideas Ombre Nail Art love this nail dark green nail polish

Degradado negro con rojo

Beautiful ombre technique (Ombre is NOT where each nail is a different color. That is a mono-chromatic color palette, like you would find on a chip from a paint store. Ombre is a gradient from one color to another.

Gebruik plakband waar je met een scrapbook-schaar met patroon een rand(je) vanaf hebt geknipt, om je nagels te lakken.

Use scrapbooking scissors to cut tape for different manicure effects. Cut tape with scrapbooking scissors, apply to nails. Paint with color.

Dislike texture on nails, but I love this look.  Black lace

Weddbook ♥ Black lace nail art and design. French manicure with lace.

Mooie oud en nieuw nagels

Holiday Nails - white nails, gold glitter, NYE, New Year& Eve, winter white nails

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Polka Dots and Lace.make my own polka dots with polish pen, and put lace nail sticker on.

Beautiful holiday nails

Learn This Dazzling Fuchsia and Fade-to-Gold Manicure

Game day nails-Fuchsia Fade-to-Gold manicure! :) pink: Zoya Areej gold: Petites by Scherer Universe, Gosh Gold, Sally Girl Gold Glitter. Trying this with Wet n Wild dreamy poppy, Revlon gold coin, and Sephora by OPI only gold for me.

~ Spiked nails? Yes, please! ~ - [[Not Dead, Just Dreaming]]

Nothing is ever the new black. Black nails are gritty, grungy, and totally rock and roll, but they're also classic. Rock one of these black nail designs.

shabby chic nails

Vintage Flower and Stripe Nail . So cute. Attempted the floral and would love to try the stripes.

Chevron Nail Art...i would like this more if it was a bit more clean cut

Chevron Nail Art