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Le skateboard du futur est à roulettes… mais sans planche ? Il faut le voir en action !

- The Postmodern Skateboard These are the annular skates that are propelled by leaning side to side, allowing you to skateboard without having to push off the ground

Pinterest DIY Tech Projects!: This is pretty cool. enjoy the view above and belo...

EGO-SE 450 "Penguin", a Personal Semi-Submarine Boat - thought this would be cool somewhere in a story :)

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The Audi Calamaro Concept Car was developed by a designer Tibor for a design competition, organized by Porsche Hungary. This futuristic flying concept car looks like a cross between a speed boat and a plane. According to the designer, the shape is

Eye Implant Could Make Glasses Obsolete | A revolutionary new eye implant that doctors are referring to as a “breakthrough” could make glasses a thing of the past for millions of people... [Futuristic Contact Lenses: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/contact-lenses/ The Future of Medicine: http://futuristicnews.com/tag/future-medicine/]

New eye implant invention claims to give patients pin-sharp focus

A revolutionary new eye implant that doctors are referring to as a “breakthrough” could make glasses a thing of the past for millions of people, MailOnline reports. The implant, which .

Continuance USB Rechargeable Batteries - Süreklil USB bağlantıyla Şarj Edilebilir Piller

Continuance: rechargeable usb chargers iF concept design entry for by Haimo Bao, Hailong Piao, Yuancheng Liu & Xiameng Hu

Hidrojen yakıtlı Honda motosiklet

Futuristic and concept motor bikes ! Honda Cub Motorcycle concept vehicle, powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. (looks more like a "rolling doughnut")

istanbulumuz için gerekli bir teknoloji. çinden gelen konsept tasarım geleceğin popüler bir teknolojisini öne çıkarıyor. arabaların üstünden geçebilen otobüs fikri nasıl? Çin'de Hızlı Otobüs Teknolojisi

China's elevated bus drives above cars - China's developing a bus/subway mashup. The elevated bus which drives over other vehicles. Genius way to ease up traffic.

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Volkswagen Floating Car (Concept): The Volkswagen Hover Car is a pod-like zero-emissions vehicle that uses electromagnetic road networks to float above the road.

Yaratıcılığın Sınırlarında Dolaşan, 30 Sıradışı Tasarım Örneği

Ark Hotel of China is remarkable achievement of world and the one of the interesting buildings in the world. The Ark Hotel was designed by Russian firm Remistudio.