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For longer, thicker lashes, Moodstruck Fiber Lashes+ lash enhancer is the perfect compliment to any mascara.

$35.97 Vintage Not Your Day Metal Sign

Vintage Not Your Day Metal Sign 12 x 18 Inches

Not Your Day Vintage Metal Sign- Not Your Day Vintage Metal Sign Not Your Day Vintage Metal Sign This Not Your Day vintage metal sign measures 12 inches by 18 inches and weighs in at 2 lb(s). This vintage metal sign is hand made in the USA using heav

"I won't cry for you, my mascaras too expensive" :: Words to live by:: Girl's quotes:: lol love this!:: Mascara is to expensive to be crying over guys

hate me all you want you fat ass, waddling, cunt--I will always be the one that shook the fuck outta your little world.  No matter what, you will never be able to undo, forget, or ignore the impact my existence had upon yours.  Stupid ass, stalking elephant.

I love when ppl hate me for no reason don't even know me. Makes me just make them hate me more like here bitch here's an actual reason to hate me!

What if CURLY HAIR was MAINSTREAM? What a world that would be...  (comic illustrated for NaturallyCurly.com by @Tall N Curly)

What If Curly Hair Was Mainstream What A World That Would Be Comic Illustrated For Naturallycurlycom


Always keep your head held high.unless you want to admire your shoes then thats fine

flawless cat eyes -- Click through for the 20 best beauty memes ever | allure.com

The 20 Best Beauty Memes Ever

MAC > Boys

"Girls wear makeup to impress boys" You think I own 78 MAC lipsticks to impress a boy who can't tell the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red?