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keep calm and let karma finish it

The Maxwells: Karma.

Dr. Pepper, how I love thee...

~ღ ~drink dr pepper

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The struggle is real!

keep calm

keep calm quotes IDK

My life motto

My life can make anything better.

Southern Belle - lots of stuff about pearls!! I have my mother's Pearls and I treasure them. I know I will give them to my grandaughters; Charlotte, Anna, and Camilla.

24 Stylish Gifts That'll Make Mom Smile For $50 or Less

Keep Calm and Wear Pearls Print Fashion Art

Peace is not the absence of chaos, commotion, or challenges.     Peace is to be in the midst of those things while remaining calm with love in your heart and remember to 'sparkle' on as well.

Sparkly - I am actually tired of these keep calm sayings, but the oooohhh sparkly spoke to me LOL

Keep calm and hug your children - a great motto on those tough mommy days

My favorite "keep calm" sign, Hugging my children always helps :)

♫ "Keep Clam and Sing a Song" ♫

keep calm and sing a song---it really does have such a calming effect---also keeps you awake when you're sleepy driving!


Keep Calm and Assertive Poster

She's always there for you

keep calm and call mom. Sure miss my mom. She was not A typical mom lol but just a call to her and she could make me laugh and laugh. Sometimes you realize a love and how unconditional it is after it to late to tell them. I love you mom.

Okay fellow teachers this is for all of us. Not to mention Spring Break

Keep calm because friday is coming keep calm friday friday quotes friday is coming

Keep Calm? Seriously? In This House? #keep_calm

My Style Pinboard / Keep Calm and Carry On funny Spin off 8 x 10 by ataglancegraphics

Keep Calm.... $6.00, via Etsy.

"Keep calm and drink Diet Coke. Diet Coke makes everything better.


Keep calm posters

Alwayyys :)