Matt Bomer - White Collar -

If you've watched Bomer slink around Manhattan as the gorgeous and charming Neal Caffrey on his show "White Collar" it becomes very clear why he is a fan favorite. Look at that face. The camera loves this man! He is Christian Grey!

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer photographed by Dan Monick. You might recognize the first one from PAPERMAG's Beautiful People 2010 list. Additional photos have been released, as well as a new set from another shoot.

James McAvoy

James McAvoy -- I don't know if there's anything sexier than a man in a vest. Maybe a well tailored suit.

Matt Bomer. Good gracious.

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Matt Bomer // this is such a great shot (from a photographer's eye). The moment is busy but clear, focused but on many things. The expressions are real. There is movement and life. I love it!

Ugh how i wish he wasnt gay.he would be SO perfect to's like he is playing the part already (nothing against being gay.but Christian Grey cannot be played by a gay man.people who read would understand)

A very special thanks to ashesweallfalldown

A very special thanks to ashesweallfalldown

Matt Bomer sporting his short hair for "The Normal Heart" HBO movie

Matt Bomer sporting his short hair for "The Normal Heart" HBO movie<---with the short hair he kind of reminds you of Chris O'Donnell from NCIS: LA

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Matt Bomer sexy hot guys male celebs celebrities maybe they can convince him to play christian in 50 shades.


Good for you, Matt Bomer! The ‘White Collar’ actor has finally admitted he was gay. According to Towleroad, Bomer came out