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My mother used to draw trees. Tree after tree after tree, all being blown in one direction...

I know the perfect tree for this picture. Just need a ton of wind. And fog. Whatever id like to imagine I could take a picture like this ;

tumblr_mz6rk05oRv1qmr009o1_500.jpg (500×750)

I found the White Rabbit! Either I'm goin' to Wonderland, or I just tackled some guy in a bunny mask for no real reason.

A Crisp Night on the Bridge  http://xaxor.com/photography/40196-black-and-white-inspirational-photos-part-7.html

Night time black and white photo. Just cause this is taken at night , makes it a even better black and white photo.

Like this except maybe upside down and rotated to appear right-side-up?

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Here, you can really feel the air that girl is feeling too. With her hair all over the place, you can assume that the wind source is coming from below her and makes her hair move. Her hair is also very nice!

magic in black and white

'Gothic Landscape' - photography by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich<<this would make a very intriguing book cover (hint, hint, future authors).