Art dove tattoo with soul written on the wing tattoos

live with no regrets...

my next with no regrets

This behind the ear

maybe a little smaller and then have " Veni Vidi Vici"

Love this

“be free” tattoo

Let it go #anchor :)

How to gain, bigger, better muscles?!

Cute font, Doesn't an anchor mean to hold on .

Love the placement and the scripture but would do a different verse

Tattoo placement - will read - She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness.

This will be my tat for my children. Each of there heartbeats from their first sonogram connected by a heart...well worth the wait. (Placed differently)

wouldnt get this exact one of course. but I do love the thought and with some tinkering i could definitely make it more me (:

I'm not getting a tattoo, but if I was, this is one I would consider.  It's in my blog friend, Sara's handwriting.  She continued to Choose Joy until she went to be with Jesus last night.

Possible Tattoo: choose joy.

This prose has always been a beacon of light and hope through the dark seasons....If I could get a tattoo...this would be my 1st one.

Footprints In The Sand Shoulder Tattoo footprints in the sand tattoo .

Feminie Crown Tattoos for Women | Tattoo on How Women: 20+ Grand Pictures Buddha Tattoos

Dove And Tiny Heart Tattoo On Wrist : Peace Tattoos


“Hakuna Matata” ankle tattoo - I want an original tattoo, but the idea is perfect.

really want a dove on the back of my shoulder as my next tattoo

As a symbol of love and peace, the dove has become a popular tattoo design. Dove tattoos come in many different designs and patterns.

dove tattoo need to add an eye with eyelash and some shading in the wings in blue she could be holding a flower with a peace sign in the middle. Might be my next tat. Symbol for peace serenity harmony, need that . one day I will be free like the dove

dove tattoo designs, cute, small bird, wrist

Dove Bird Tattoos On Wrist dove tattoo designs cute small bird .

we are all truly blessed with the gift of life

blessed finger tattoo to remind you

Provehito in Altum - Reach for new heights!

Provehito in Altum - Reach for new heights! White ink on the side of the foot?