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Calvin and Hobbes, January 1987 - You're not just fattening me up to eat me, are you?

Calvin hates his dinner

Calvin and Hobbes- the fun of motherhood - Another day, another gray hair for mom!

THE DAILY CALVIN: Calvin and Hobbes, March 16 1989 - You did it! You fixed it! I can't believe it! HEY, MOM! Dad fixed something! | He DID? Your DAD?

One bite-size installment of Calvin and Hobbes, the classic comic strip by Bill Watterson, a day.

Calvin and Hobbes - OH NO! I OVERSLEPT! I GOTTA GET UP! ...But it's Saturday.  ...Well sure. If this was a school day, what would I care?   --- HAPPY SATURDAY CALVIN-LAND! DA 9-27

This is the way I feel nearly every Saturday Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, September 2013

This is not just my kids but my husband too....lol

Calvin and Hobbes - WHERE'S MY JACKET? Who put it in the stupid closet? (This has always been one of my favorites, I quote it quite often to my son.

Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip, March 28, 2016     on GoComics.com

Calvin and Hobbes, Mar 1986 - What's THAT? It's a cattle prod. It hurts a little less than a branding iron.