Funny pictures about How I make friends. Oh, and cool pics about How I make friends. Also, How I make friends.

Mortals, it would crush the poor child and toss them into tartarus- PJO fangirl

Too much sadness. Those poor scarred year olds, imagine "Little Suzie you ok? Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus!" <---------- There is no age limit for this amazingness! I am I will continue to fangirl!

I got Poseidon! Percy and Tyson are my half-blood brothers!

Camp Half Blood Parentage Test (Mostly Accurate)

Camp Half-Blood Parentage Test: the only test that determines which Greek god or goddess would be your parent. I got Athena!

Totally agree! Those who have seen the movie and not read the book and claim to be part of the fandom are UNWORTHY.

Those who have seen the movie and not read the book and claim to be part of the fandom are UNWORTHY. I say the percy Jackson BOOK fandom unite And petition for a director who actually read the book before making the movie!


Things you 'can't' say to fandoms

Things you can't say to fandoms (just generally, there are exceptions, for example John Green books can be very funny)>>> but there are SOOOOO MANY that are really accurate.

True....<<<<< If anything they're being a bit too generous with the similarities............

nerd girl problems percy jackson - YES, do you see that little part in between? Those would be the character's names. That is all they have in common.

Wait a minute, where's Merlin? "Dollophead" is the best insult ever! ("In two words? Prince Arthur." )

Harry potter Doctor Who Divergent Hunger Games Percy Jackson Sherlock Star Wars Lord of the Rings

Instead of hogwarts I think I would want TFIOS

Fandom cake with Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, Divergent, & Harry Potter.<<<Why does the Divergent one say "I am selfish"?

Oh really? Have you read a book....

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*cough* friends that *cough * think I'm a weirdo for *cough * saving endless headcanons for Percabeth *COUGH*

The idiot who commented on this before me was defending Jiper. What a loser.