Andres Amador is an amazing American artist who uses the earth as his canvas. His amazing sand paintings have graced beaches around the world


If there’s one thing to miss about summer (aside from awesome tans, hot sand between my toes, svelte beach bodies, grillin’ and chillin’ and sundresses) it’s the awesome art happening on the beach!

sand sculpture of a bee by fergus mulvany. reminiscent of a macro photo/ Gotta love the honey bee at least one in the sand.

Pez_mecanico. Arena de playa.

Every year, Revere Beach is home to Massachusetts's most exciting sand sculpting contest! Revere Beach is located just north of Boston and is one of very few

Visitors pose for a picture in front of one of the amazing sand castles

We're gonna need a bigger bucket and spade! Incredible pictures of the world's most intricate sandcastles

Visitors pose for a picture in front of one of the amazing sand castles. This is beautiful work of art.

Thank You Jesus | thank you jesus jesus thank you for being my personal lord and savior ...

Jesus at the beach. Awesome sand sculptures by Randy Hofman, Ocean City, Maryland. Info about Christian Music Festival, links to related sites.

sand castle ~~ For more:  - ✯

Sand Art is the practice of modelling sand into an artistic form, such as a sand brushing, sand sculpture, sand painting, or sand bottles. A sand castle is a type of sand sculpture resembling a min…

escultura em areia por Eva0707

International Sand Sculpture Contest in Moscow. You simply can't make this sort of talent up.

Sand is used for making crops like peanuts,peaches and watermelons. Also, they use sand in the making of bricks. Sand is renewable.

Image detail for -Creative Cash Gift: Build Your Own Castle

25 Incredible Sand Sculptures That Will Make You Do a Double Take

25 Incredible Sand Sculptures That Will Make You Do a Double Take

Check out the funny creative designs for your latest version of the sand castle and sand art on your favorite beach.If you're looking for Funny sand art funny picture you're in luck - Start to browse right now .

Sand Sculpture Festival in Belgium. I know, this pin should probably be on the Arts and crafts board, but the sculptures remind me of childhood, and the joy of creating very inspired bucket castles and mud pies etc., and felt it belonged here instead.

Enter The Sand Men: Sand Sculpture Festival Opens In Belgium

Spectacular sandcastles have been built as part of the biggest sand sculpture festival in the world. Around 40 'sand artists' from around the world attended the Sand Sculpture Festival on the beach.