I just like to smile! Smiling's my favorite! this quote is so wonderful. Will Ferrell is so funny and it's just not the Christmas season without watching the movie Elf.

I have probably already pinned this, and I do not care. Because some things deserve to be pinned twice.

Wave at finals studing Funny finals quote wave at study moments as they pass by

There is hope… ›› @Linds B., this one's for you. :)

There is hope…

Mmmmm, Victorian Romance.

Victorian couple city streets, skirt up man says that ankle Dat Ankle, sexy this will never stop being funny

'nough said.

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You Lint Licker! Love that commercial!

you son of a biscuit eating bull dog! what the french toast! you thought i wouldn't find out about your little doo doo head cootie queen! haha loved that commercial!

Ryan Gosling Acts Out Hey Girl memes - gotta laugh just with his laugh!!

Ryan Gosling Acts Out "Hey, Girl" Meme

Pin to watch later: Ryan Gosling reads "Hey, Girl" memes. it's mostly hilarious because he's dying laughing!

whos line is it anyway~  SO GLAD THIS IS COMING BACK!!!!

Funny pictures about People who shouldn't rap. Oh, and cool pics about People who shouldn't rap. Also, People who shouldn't rap photos.

Poo-poo heads

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 This made me laugh out loud despite my unwavering fear of Paula Deen (and her eyes).

Love you, Paula Dean! Love you, Paula Dean! Love you, Paula Dean!