makeup-for-halloween -this is an actual halloween zipper makeup. And yes guys, she used real zipper. She attached it on her face using some adhesive and turn herself into this scary and spooky zipper lady.

Dude that is freaken awesome!!!!

Have you ever heard of illusion makeup? Check out some optical illusion makeup, illusion makeup like face painting makeup and illusion makeup that might make you look eerie.

Schaurig schön

Die 34 gruseligsten Halloweenverkleidungen. Nr 18 ist auf keinen Fall für Kinder geeignet.

maquillaje para halloween

Evil Queen Halloween Makeup You don't have to invest in costume store cosmetics to create this wicked Halloween look. Everything you need to pull off this dramatic face is already in your makeup bag.

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Tired of attending holiday parties as Santa Claus or Sexy Santa? Worse, tired of not going to holiday parties at all because you cannot be bothered to wear or make a costume?

Halloween Makeup Freak You Out? Hang out with the awesome creepy doll. This one just made us laugh so loud. Do you? Check out the makeup kit for you Halloween Makeup.

BEST Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas makeup I've ever seen--- I can see how she did the eyes and now I am set on using this idea.