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"Gee, why is it everything that's wonderful costs money?" Lucy and Ethel SO TRUE!


Lucy, Ricky and little Ricky Ricardo from the "I Love Lucy" television show.

Lucy & Desi

Lucy Ball & Desi Arnaz at Desilu studio.Where it all began and where it ended.

Do you pop out at parties?....Are you unpopular?....

Lucy does a TV commercial for Vita-Meata-Vega- Min. She gets drunk from tasting it over and over. (click the GIF)

Lucy Arnez and Ricky Ricardo

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz - TV's pioneering couple. As producer of "I Love Lucy" Desi Arnaz was responsible for transforming Lucy from former movie star/glamour girl to comic genius and the Queen of Television.

I Love Lucy Faces Beach Towel

I Love Lucy Faces Beach Towel