Countryyyyy <3

2010 Country Music Wedding Songs - I am no longer a bride, but these would be good for an anniversary too! A couple of these were played on the piano at my wedding!

If it were up to me, we would play only country at our wedding.  To bad my fiance hates it.  I'll sneak several songs into the playlist though :)

Top Country Music Wedding Songs for 2012 - Too bad my man is a country hater. Would love to dance to a romantic country song.

I have heard about calling up couples to dance by the years but I like this idea a lot....alternative for first dance

Fun idea for reception - calling all the married couples to the dance floor - not a substitute for first dance though!

8 Things To Do Between Your Ceremony & Reception

Awesome idea: The very first one was one of the few things I demanded on our wedding day. I didn't want to make guests wait a long time for pictures, but I did make them wait 15 minutes for us to eat alone and let what we just did sink in.

Mother son songs for their dance

20 Awesome Mother / Son Wedding Dance Songs

Mom: Top 20 Best Mother and Son Wedding Dance Songs--for when he wants to decide. :) he can choose but i think i hope you dance and a song for mama are good ones

i'll be glad i pinned this one day!!

tips for an inexpensive wedding and general cheap craft ideas. Again, I'll be glad I pinned this someday

12 month wedding planning checklist. Just some Ideas on timeline things!  Fall Wedding next year will be beautiful

12-Month Wedding Planning Checklist Calendar

12 Month Wedding Checklist for the Bride & Groom >> Complete wedding planning guide and checklist itemized by key monthly, weekly, and daily goals to help make your wedding planning less stressful!

Extensive list of budget saving tips for wedding planning and other wedding resources frugal wedding Ideas #frugal #wedding

Extensive list of budget saving tips for wedding planning and other wedding resources frugal wedding Ideas

Cute idea of bag to give to groom after speech.  Gives you something to do with hands while giving speech :)

The Ultimate Maid of Honor Speech

how to give the ultimate maid of honor speech - great tips. Gonna have to give a MOH speech next year @ my sister's wedding. Hopefully I can come up with a good one. Better start writing it now.

why pay a wedding planner when there's an app for that? I'll be glad I pinned this some day.

Why Pay A Planner When There’s An App For That? 6 Wedding Apps For Busy Brides. Although I will still get a planner ;

Bridetodo budget generator

I'll be glad I pinned this later -- A ton of templates to help you with guest lists, seating charts, itinerary, contact sheet.