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Dear Jesus, forgive me for not hitting LIKE on my friends Hit like if you love Jesus post. I really do like you.

Funny Apology Ecard: Dear Jesus, forgive me for not hitting LIKE on my friend's 'Hit like if you love Jesus' post.

Or a photo of the Executive whose bonus is based upon the tax break you are funding for his industry

For all the taxes they take out of my paycheck, the least they could do is send me a picture of the ghetto family I'm supporting to hang on my fridge!

.....it's funny to hear and amusing. DONE

it's funny to hear and amusing.

Just give the patience already, no more situations please!

Bless me with patience. Not opportunities to be patient, I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to be working. The actual patience. Adams Adams O Yes please the actual patience!

This sums it up.

Funny Confession Ecard: Im not anti-social. I just have a strong aversion to B., drama, and pretending. makes-me-laugh-quotes

Free, Workplace Ecard: For those of you that want to make a deposit into your Checkins account, those do not exist, there is a Checking account and a Savings account.

If I have more than 3 days off work, I forget how to do my job. But if a song comes on the radio that I haven't heard since I still know every. If it's more than a week, I forget passwords, co-workers names, etc.

A Strongly Worded Letter to People Who Obsessively Update Us On Their Workouts. #WeDontGiveA  #FUCK

Unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your face, no one wants to hear about your workout. Tell us about your workout, Lauren

Seriously, how do they come up with these?  This one made me laugh out loud too!

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Going to McDonalds for a salad is like going to a whore for a hug.

People who have kids but don't want kids.

A-freakin'-men!"there should be a rule that you can't have any more kids while on welfare.


Never laugh at your wife's choices.You are one of them. You are one of them.

Actually yes it did. He learned that he never wants to b like him and my goal is to give my kids a life they deserve. Mike hasn't taught my kids shit. Who throws a hammer at ur kid and breaks out windows and hits his truck

Free and Funny News Ecard: So if you state your opinion it's free speech, but if I state mine, it's hate and intolerance? Right, I forgot that's how it works.

Oh yes.. way to much drama people! BE HAPPY!

So true! When people would ask what super power I wish I had when I was little it was reading minds.