120929-0784 - Japanese street fashion in Harajuku, Tokyo (Valentine, Anco, sinä, Onna, Tokyo Bopper)

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Vintage Cult Party Kei Fashion in Harajuku

Seashell Necklace & Vintage Fashion From The Virgin Mary in Harajuku (Source: Tokyo Fashion)

harajuku shoes

Cut Out Little Black Dress & Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes in Harajuku

Harajuku Cute Style w/ Creamy Mami, Horse Shirt & 6%DOKIDOKI | it's her-> http://twitter.com/nanchan74

Nana in Harajuku wearing a pretty horse top, striped skirt, decorated platform sandals and a Creamy Mami charm.

I have so much fun!

cel-phone: “ kirakirabunny: “ etoile-et-toile: “ So how about we become monsters together? (by Lana Rose) I was trying to match a friend of mine who was wearing mint and lilac that day and also wear a.

Pink-Tipped Hair, Fuzzy Flip Flops & Etsuna Otsuka Accessories in Harajuku

Pink-Tipped Hair, Fuzzy Flip Flops & Etsuna Otsuka Accessories in Harajuku (Tokyo Fashion News)

Harajuku girl with long hair and pink tips, wearing a white dress with a cotton candy necklace, pompom earrings, black backpack and furry flip flops.

Haruka is wearing a pastel bow-decorated hoodie over a “Snow White” top with a pink tulle skirt, fishnet stockings, and creepers with crosses (and wings on the back). Accessories include a flower crown, hair bow, lace choker, “it’s a girl” button, heart-shaped sunglasses, a strawberry, and a cute double-heart tote bag.

tokyo-fashion: Haruka in Harajuku w/ Snow White top, tulle skirt winged creepers. Been seeing her around a lot lately she’s always kawaii.