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The Liquid Flow collection by photographer Corrie White features vibrant stills of liquid in motion, created by dropping dyed cream or water into a small aquarium of water.

What the Numbers on your Lens Mean #photography #camera http://digital-photography-school.com/what-the-numbers-on-your-lens-mean/

What the Numbers on your Lens Mean

★ Delicious Brown ★ #fun

Artist Domenic Bahmann Transforms Everyday Objects into Funny Art - Australian artist Domenic Bahmann transforms on a regular basis objects into playful conceptual artwork… Domenic Bahmann

20 Unwanted Paintings Made More Awesome With A Modern Makeover

Dave Pollot's funny art created from re-purposed thrift store prints and paintings.

photo overlay by the pillars

Kerényi Zoltán has turned his camera into a time machine. The Hungarian photographer and architect uses vintage photos to create a bridge between the Budapest of the past and th.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 Painting, 'The 4th Wall' - Repurposed Thrift Art - Limited Edition Print or Poster

Repurposed art – Mystery Science Theater 3000 Parody Painting –Dave Pollot on etsy

Полет фантазий в работах Серис Дусед

Égarements and Quotidien are two projects by French photographer Cerise Doucède in which she creates mysterious moments where inanimate objects come to life in a whirlwind of chaos.

"Prime Directive" by Dave Pollot | Upcycled Thrift Store Art Print

Star Trek USS Enterprise Parody Painting, 'Prime Directive' - Limited Edition Print or Poster - Funny Star Trek Print, Gift for Trekkie Fan

_____ as _____ London-based designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan’s latest lettering project, where she recreates English food-related idioms using typography and food items.

"Warm as toast" In her photo series "_____ as _____," designer Christine Kawasaki-Chan visualizes food idioms like "cool as a cucumber" using lettering mad

Photo by Enrico Natali

In Brooklyn photographer Enrico Natali took candid pictures of the people he saw on the subway on a daily basis. This series was his earliest work in

What my childhood was missing!

Under the toilet seat is the most effective man-to-man communication. View Brilliant Ideas We Should Not Let Pass Us By" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Dan Gilvezan

Cleverly Crafted Photos Before There was Photoshop