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Funny pictures about Awkward Nerdy Guys. Oh, and cool pics about Awkward Nerdy Guys. Also, Awkward Nerdy Guys.

WAIT WHAT?....:0)  Sooooo glad he did this - I was thinking poor guy .. We all take awful pics.. :0)   Now I want to see the EEErrrrr Meeeer Geeeerd  Girl and how she really looks :0)!

Funny pictures about Is that you Brian? Oh, and cool pics about Is that you Brian? Also, Is that you Brian?

boy and girl flirting - Google Search

That moment when you fall in love with a piece of clothing but then see the price . "Never mind, I'll find someone like you." -- Hilarious, yet so true!

Dying! lol

The most awesome images on the Internet

Hahaha how people find these connections I'll never know! XD but no Channing Tatum for her!

apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, funny quotes

No, no boots w/ the Fur. No Apple Bottom jeans. Just a nice pair of black boots to wear to work w/ fall/winter skirts and dresses.


Paul Cole in the Greatest photobomb ever.this man is so cute ( The Beatles Abbey road )

Shia Labweoriuowieurf

shia lebeouf I have hallways had a huge crush on him ever since even Stevens lol

Haha, why does this have to be so true????

The Male Version Would Include Don Draper and Napoleon Dynamite

Who I am around guys I dont like (Joan Harris Holloway from Mad Men). Who I am around guys I like (Deb from Napoleon Dynamite). Check out the website to see

Damn Africa, what happened?! #MeanGirls10thAnniversary pic.twitter.com/NZsxOx3Nem

Sexy Culonass ®🍑👯 on

Mean girls references never get old. Damn, Africa, what happened?

Honey Boo Boo Words Of Wisdom - this is what's wrong with this world. THIS is on tv!! Yea, encourage the hell out of this child for all the wrong things she is doing.

Oh honey boo boo's words of wisdom! I love Honey Boo Boo!

I was at the gym

Taylor Swift& so funny! I quote her Minnesota soccer mom impersonation all the time. (I don& care much for a lot of her music, but she& a really sweet girl.