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Immagine correlata

I love these colours, shows how our emotions can be so different! Structural face painting perfect for Halloween

NASA A7L spacesuit pre-flight CT scan

"A pre-flight CT scan of a NASA spacesuit, the type of suit worn during the Apollo missions.two pieces of art: the suit and the CT scan.amazing technology on both ends of the process.

the most powerful images of WWI

the two germanys — Rhinoplasty patient, Bellevue hospital.

Milan Fashion Week GIFS, SS16, Dazed Digital

The trends of the Milan runway you didn’t see coming

In 6 Days, Thank you  Father in heaven for everything you have done.

Galaxy NGC 4594 Sombrero Galaxy): approximately 26 million light years from Earth, in the constellation Virgo, it is considered a "nearby" galaxy.

Where beauty inspo meets fine art we bring your Tuesday the talented Joe Cruz and his work: Eyes & Lips.  Repost from @refinery29uk @jcruz_art #refinery29 #TAGloves #chooseday #theartgorgeous by the_art_gorgeous

could use a pic of a girl and all the things which the media has said was wrong with her and to change represented in colour EYES & LIPS Joe Cruz - Archival giclee print 54 x 38 cm Limited edition print. Edition of 20



concept ships: A tribute to NASA's space shuttle program on concept ships

The United States Space Shuttle: We Love Everything About Space Exploration !

Gary Card - MELT

'Gold Digger' of - model: Andrej Pejic - photographer: Anthony Maule - fashion editor/stylist: Robbie Spencer - prop stylist: Gary Card - hair: Lyndell Mansfield - make-up: Ayami Nishimura - location: MKII Studios, London - Dazed & Confused April 2011

old insane asylums boy, name unknown, weathers an endurance test at the Slipshod Home for Feeble Minded Children. It’s unclear exactly what this was meant to diagnose, treat or improve. This looks like an interpretive art exhibit. You can’t expect anything less from these old insane asylums.

He was literally chained to his bed at a mental asylum at Cerne Voda. The asylum was a repurposed military hospital.