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Bem observado.!...

Funny pictures about Alcohol doesn't solve problems. Oh, and cool pics about Alcohol doesn't solve problems. Also, Alcohol doesn't solve problems.

I love Stuart from MAD TV:)

if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV! lol if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV! lol if your ever in need of a laugh, watch stuart from MAD TV!

"his name is Carlos" lol- Zack Galifianakis-

Hey I Just Met You This Is Crazy Hangover Baby Funny Alan This is for you Casey!

Fuck this shit.....

fuck this shit ill be a stripper.I have thought this several time during nursing school!

LMAO! Has happened to me before. @Celina Barbosa does it remind you of the incident that occurred last August?

Lmao or they send someone else to ask you if your fb status was about them :P must be guilty lol

hahahahaha...its so true..thesecommercials would ruin my poor sons day

This is so true. Makes me feel sad that I seriously have to change the channel. Can't watch, it is the worst commercial ever!

Ah, penis jokes.

Check these 51 Funny and Perfectly timed photos I found. These perfect timed photos of rare moments, hilarious scenes, and some bizarre photobombing action.

Funny Twilight Jokes | twilight anti twilight funny health bella swan edward cullen vampires

"Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant.and die. Don't have sex in the missionary position, don't have sex standing up. Now, everybody take some rubbers.

Because you wouldn't be able to function somewhere where people drive normally.

23 Reasons Living In Florida Ruins You For Life

fucking old people drivers, one almost killed us the other day, went straight through a stop sign, no attempt at stopping. If they can't read the signs, they shouldn't be allowed to drive.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Boy: "May I buy you a cocktail?" Girl: "Alcohol is bad for my legs." Boy: "Do they swell?" Girl: "No, they spread"

Because I, in fact, don't give a fuck!

It wasn't there