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Colours of Cuba by Michael Eastman. Cuba + the capital Havana are full of graceful crumbling architecture colours.

Green Candy Bars  / Buffets


Looks great, and love the color! Chocolates, Gumballs & other candy! Perfect for a candy table!

Garbage does not have to stay garbage.

Green plastic and glass containers. Found In Nature Green Bottles and containers Glass and plastic containers. Collected on the beach. Jamacia Bay, New York Harbor Barry Rosenthal. All rights remain the property of Barry Rosenthal.

Emerald Green Matte Walls | House in Guinardó designed by Guillermo Santomá, Barcelona

I've always been a huge fan of pink and green together, and the current trend towards more somber, desaturated colors has put a fresh new spin on this classic combo

green door :)

Emerald Green: Eco-Chic Or Eco-Friendly?

There's an old piano and they play it hot behind the green door -- GREEN DOOR (Bob Davie / Marvin Moore)

Green House.

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Green Green Green for your Android Phones. Beautiful green wall with beautiful flowers and the window

Green Apples

I like this art piece because apples are my favorite fruits especially Granny Smith. It is very delicious. I like green.

Colors in India are based on the inspirations in nature. India was one of the destinations on the Silk Road Traders on the Silk Road brought back to the west exotic spices, silks and precious jewels.

Indian Style design elements include exotic colors of India, beautiful silk textiles and carved and inlaid furniture. This global Style has influenced North American design in the Boho Chic look that people who love ornamentation, color and pattern.