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baby dumbo rat I'm not a huge fan of rodents but this is so cute, gotta love him!

He's a sweet little rat who loves to give kisses...

Marty The Rat Will Change How You Feel About Pet Rats

Ratties are so amazing, I just wish they lived so much longer. {Marty The Rat Will Change How You Feel About Pet Rats}

Mice - Dear little creatures. ❤️

My first pet was a little white mouse named Mickey. -Hey, I was 6 yrs old! The Mickey Mouse Club was big back then!

peek-a-boo! Tiny mouse I see you! Mice are really cute, just not in my house!

#Rotty and rat

10 Hermosos datos que harán que veas a las Ratas con ojos de amor

It's a rat hat. Very stylish, all the best dogs are wearing them this year. I feel like this Rat and this Rottweiler are best friends.

Don't tell me this is not adorable! Rats can be pets too, they are really smart :)

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Rats are astoundingly sociable and loving pets. They need and enjoy interaction and look forward to time spent with you.