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Tältä näyttää tulevaisuuden koti

Tältä näyttää tulevaisuuden koti

What exactly is the Internet of Things? This very detailed infographic explains. #IoT

What exactly is the Internet of Things? Infographic - A graphic explainer at what the Internet of Things really is -

5 Rules of Design Thinking for the Internet of Everything.  http://blogs.cisco.com/ioe/realizing-the-benefits-of-the-internet-of-everything-for-customer-experience-part-2-design-thinking-the-customer-experience-of-the-future/

Realizing the Benefits of the Internet of Everything for Customer Experience, Part 2 ‘Design Thinking’ the Customer Experience of the Future

A Guide to the Internet of Things - Infographic - Data Science Central

Cool Wearables - Infographic: Guide to The Internet of Things - Billions of online objects are making the Web wiser

The Internet of Things MindMap - click for full size. Find local schools and teachers at Educator Hub.com

The Internet of Things and Change - Will You Be Ready For The M2M World?

By the end of this decade, the world will be a more deeply and intimately connected place, with an estimated 7.3 billion smartphones, tablets and PCs, according to Gartner. And the Internet of Things will expand at an even more rapid rate--to 26 billion connected devices around the globe by [...]

How The Internet Of Things Will Rule Your Workday In 2020 [Infographic]

[Infographic] What the Internet of Things will Look Like in 2020 | Technology | Business Review Europe

'Internet of Things' is the networking of connected devices, vehicles, embedded systems etc. Figuring out What is exactly the 'internet of Things (IoT)'?