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You're on the toilet and need toilet paper:

WOOOOOOOW how about you use your phone to call her & tell her? or just yell out the bathroom door the old fashioned way.

10 Things 90's Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children.

10 Things 90s Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children

10 Things Kids Will Have To Explain To Their Children. I died. my favorite one was the beanie babies


Just some Epic condoms...

"Just some Epic condoms. here I go,rock wit me,here comes the Boom,fun fun. Not that we'll be needing these


I always told my little brother rain was cloud pee! I never would have thought that this could be anyone else's logic!

funny, Dora, and teenager post image

Funny pictures about Stranded on a desert island. Oh, and cool pics about Stranded on a desert island. Also, Stranded on a desert island photos.

of course! haha

Martin and I actually had a "movie purse" that was big enough to fit bottles of soda and bags of popped popcorn!

Oh how this makes me laugh...except that it isn't true anymore!

So true. I hate running. Unless someone is chasing me with said scissors.

23 Adult Truths. LOL!

23 Adult Truths: If there's anything you want to read it's this.every single thing is true! Especially the last one for the ladies :)

Do you have a bathroom?

How about you?

too funny . ask a stupid question - get a stupid answer :D

Terrible because 11 year old broken hearts did hurt so bad but how terrible was it really?!

For real, 11 year olds with "it's complicated" as their relationship status?


I know too many dorito girls. Or maybe just too many girls who look like they had their hands in the doritos bag (spray tan)

Peter Pan's Letter to Edward Cullen  @Crystal Costantino

i love peter pan i love peter pan. i love peter pan. go die edward.