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fabulous string/ribbon boxes.... brass plated scissors.

Texture Tuesday - Faffing or Wrapping eDition

fabulous string/ribbon boxes.... brass plated scissors.

patterned napkins with twine - Read more on One Fab Day: http://onefabday.com/a-colourful-dromquinna-manor-wedding-by-dave-mcclelland/

A Colourful Celebration - Kathryn and Jonny's Wedding by Dave McClelland

Cut off the top of a pour spout container and insert it into the lid of a mason jar. Great for spices you use a lot of, adding sugar to your coffee, storing yeast in your fridge, keeping dry/powdered milk, garden fertilizer, and so much more.

Mason Jar with pouring spout. Just cut the top off an empty cardboard salt container, cut it to the size of a canning lid and use the canning ring to screw it in place. Note: The screw-on tops of parmesan jars will fit mason jars too.

Chevron Twill Herringbone Ribbon - Black and White 3/4 Inch Width. Etsy $4.45

Chevron Twill Herringbone Ribbon - Black and White Inch Width - Packaging and Gift Ribbon


pegboard craft room storage…cheap and easy and can be any color you want…with a little paint. Like having your own store display. pegboard craft room storage…cheap and…

Photography and Styling Doswell & McLean (Posted by Deborah McLean on October 24, 2011. Busy Being Fabulous)

I like the muted colours, the textures. I like thread, cool scizzors, etc. Do I sew?

from Bugs and Fishes by melisa

In the heart of London's East End lies a family-run haberdashery called William Gee, now the UK's leading stockist of sewing supplies & fashion tools.