Mini Wedding Cake Pan - Cute idea for bridal shower Chicago Metallic Multi Tier Cake Pan 4 Cavity, by by

BABYCAKES Cake Pop maker (185 SAR) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, kitchen & dining and small appliances

babycakes cake pop maker - can't wait to make little donut holes and cake pops!

I always end up making spaghetti for 20, instead of 2. I need this!

I always end up making spaghetti for 78 people, instead of - convenient spaghetti measure

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A water bottle that holds your personal things- house key, drivers license! for the gym! --- Contigo AUTOSEAL Kangaroo Water Bottle with Storage Compartment - 24 oz.

Cupcake carrier!!! Yes! Finally it won't screw up the icing!

Cupcake Holder-Set of 2 These clever holders keep cupcakes fresh and frosting intact while in transit-for delicious dessert on the go! Perfect for bagged or boxed lunches

New inventions get put out into the world every day, but sometimes, they’re kind of pointless. Thankfully, there are also plenty of awesome inventions that could potentially make our lives infinitely more awesome. Below, we’ve compiled 33 of them. Some of these gadget are still in the early phases of design (or simply exist as …

30+ Borderline Genius Inventions That Will Actually Make Your Life Easier

i would SO buy this if it really does work. yes i'm a ho for chips.

Copco Bag Caps are innovative lids for bagged foods that seal in freshness without having to remove an item from its original packaging. These are a great idea. Needed in my home especially because my kids eat chips a bunch!

This clock knits a scarf over the course of a year, with one stitch for every 30 seconds.

Knitting clocks by Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. Knitting 24 hours a day and a year at a time, the clocks knit one mesh every half hour all day long. In a year they'll knit a 2 meter long scarf. At the end of the year, change the yarn and let a new scarf begin.

Recycling machine magically turns papers into pencils. --If this is real and works--that would be SO cool!

Recycling machine magically turns papers into pencils.

Funny pictures about Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils. Oh, and cool pics about Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils. Also, Office recycling machine turns paper into pencils photos.

Awesome for baking.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets - Cupcake dividers - set of 12 // make amazing multi-flavor cup cakes with this clever kitchen baking gadget!

Garlic King Garlic Mincer - Leifheit Kitchen Storage and More - Events

Garlic King Garlic Mincer - Leifheit Kitchen Essentials // fabulous innovative design, they won awards

Love the scroll work. Replace number with periwinkle flower would be a perfect wedding cake.

Sweet 16 Bling - birthday cake in fondant. The birthday girl chose an inspiration cake design from one that was originally done by Corrie Cakes.

Stampy Digital Camera gives you the option of creating a rubber-stamp version of your photograph, so that you stamp it onto any sheet of paper or surface

Amazing idea -> Stampy Digital Camera Turns Any Photo into a Rubber Stamp