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"Baby your a song you make me wanna role my windows down....." this song though :)

Baby, you a song, you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise - Cruise - Florida Georgia Line


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I love this song. Just one problem guys don't like girls singing to their songs in their truck.

I got boots and she's got wings I'm hell on wheels and he's heavenly I'd die for her and she lived for me I'm not sure why her path crossed mine accident or grand design..maybe God just likes Cowgirls and Angel's

He's got boots and I've got wings. He's hell on wheels & I'm heavenly. He'd die for me and I live for him. I'm not sure why his path crossed mine. Accident or grand design. Maybe God just kinda likes Cowboys & Angels. our first dance

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when she loves you she loves with all her heart and that makes me a lucky man, she can do no wrong, turn me on like only a country girl can Chase Rice -- I'm obsessed with his music right now ♡

cruise by Florida Georgia Line

Cruise By: Florida Georgia Line! Hahah, super catchy, but honestly, this song doesn't really have a potential meaning, it's just one of those super catchy songs :S