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And when you come to a fork in the road, well, take it. Because, hey, free fork.


Instead of cleaning, just watch an episode of hoarders.you'll feel better about your house!

"Gone are the days when girls used to cook like their mothers. Now they drink like their fathers."

The worlds in for a hurtin the day this becomes truth.My dad can DRINK!

Warning labels...there's always one that has to make it obvious.

Funny Confession Ecard: Curling irons have a warning tag that says 'For external use only.' Which one of you sick people made that necessary?

some days!

Instead of cleaning the house, I just turn off the lights.

Always on your phone, yet you never answer!

I know a few too many people that do this to me. I understand not everyone enjoys the phone, and/or doesn't have time for calls, but HELLO! That's why God invented the TEXT MESSAGE!

your e-card - I don't have the energy - Spreading the Humor

Buzzfeed: 19 Things All Lazy People Don't Have Time For

Oh I restarted mine 5 times before I finally took my laundry out of the dryer . I hate laundry

true #funny

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: All I want for Christmas is you. Just kidding. Give me diamonds.

The Olympics

Funny Sports Ecard: You know what I would do in the Olympics? The US Men's Swim Team.

Repin if you get it ;)

It is sad that grown people still lack an understanding of basic grammar rules and get mad at anyone that tries to help with correction. So, this sums it up :-) funny-cause-it-s-true

Lol this can be so true at times!

Whether you're single, taken, or single and wish you were taken -- Valentine's Day is still a holiday that you just can't avoid.