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Best 25 Motivational Quotes #Motivational #Sayings

Best 25 Motivational Quotes

Stay Motivated!!

It takes a lot of Sweat Work Effort Faith Strength Belief Motivation Perseverance Obstacles Setbacks Pain Conditioning And early mornings It takes A person like you

Discipline. I've been going to Pure Barre on a Baby Bounceback package. I try to go five times a week. I've been more consistent about this than any exercising I've done before, and I'm seeing the results. #PureBarreBham

Discipline is the one thing necessary to Achieve any Goal worth having. it always starts first within the persons action on Achieving Discipline also, and to make your Goal a Necessary one too :-) :-)


Look In The Mirror Thats Your Competition quotes - Look in the mirror. thats your competition. Read more quotes and sayings about Look In The Mirror Thats Your Competition.


Train like an athlete, Eat like a nutritionist, Sleep like a baby, Win like a champion - Sports Motivation Quotes

Reality Check

Nobody cares about your excuses. Nobody pitted you for procrastinating.nobody is going to coddle you because you are lazy. It's your ass move it!

We are what we repeatedly do.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle The best habit to create is happiness.

Goes for more than just one thing in life. Dropped 12 pounds already by not giving up and pushing myself each day to work out. Motivation is simply seeing how amazing things that haven't fit me for a few years suddenly do.

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