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fuck it my final thought for - Google zoeken

excuse my language but really. "Fuck it" - my final thought before making most decisions.

Oh, If I ever get the chance though.... Your in for it! : )

Funny pictures about Why sarcasm exists. Oh, and cool pics about Why sarcasm exists. Also, Why sarcasm exists.


You dont like it when i lash back out n talk shit do you.im glad its gettin to u. You wanna talk shit i can dish it out to ugly ass bitch.

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I'm a twenty-something library science student just waiting for my life to start.

Wie het laatst lacht..

Sometimes I laugh out loud. Then think the fu in my head. Cause your a bitch.


I’m not an alcoholic, I only drink two times a year. On my birthday, and when it’s not my birthday.

Some days lol

SO TRUE! But the sad thing is that my life is boring and I realize how bad it is.

This is one of my favorite says.  I always say if you are going to hit me, you better knock me out or you are fucked :P

"Never kick me when I"m down because when I get back up.you're fucked.

LOL that good one !!:) :D

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 75 images. Women Are Like IPhones And Men Are Like Blackberries

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