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Tyler Sheilds

Tyler Sheilds

A cool infographic about Google +

Everything about Google +




When I first met Barton I told him I was brainwashed. He hit me with a metal bar and called it "cognitive recalibration. Bucky learns about life with the avengers.

Skull #2 Canvas Print - how awesome for a tattoo - I could include some Bryony!

An amazing poster of art by Ali Gulec - "Flower Skull"! A beautiful psychedelic skull composed of floral elements. Need Poster Mounts.

.something that would  happen to me thus why so funny

this is why one should always ask "what's this card for?" not simply "who's this card for?"- from The Big Bang Theory

Dave Grohl as Animool in The Muppets movie. Perfect casting :-)

Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl as Animool, Animal drummer for The Moopets. Muppets, I gotta see this (The Muppets) movie!