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The Dark Knitter Rises... OMG, I just died laughing

Via the Yarn Harlot: Knit Fast Die Warm. all my knitting buddies, look what we need to do next.

Zef (Ninja). This is me as well.

art-on-my-skin: “Handpoked tattoos on Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) from Die Antwoord ”

Griffin tattoo... different style

First Griffin tattoo Traditional Griffin - Just the outline for now. It's the start of a full chest piece. Rate of pictures of tattoos, submit your own tattoo picture or just rate others

wtf?...patrick swayze as a chippendale menotaur set in a magical purple cloud storm with swirling double-helix rainbows floating about? Seriously though....what??

This is probably my favorite bad tattoo of all time! there is nothing better than a Patrick Swayze centaur.

Fuente: http://fyeahtattoos.com/post/2575413159/my-3rd-tattoo-my-27th-birthday-gift-to-myself-i


Post your CRAFTY Tattoos! - BATH AND BEAUTY - Do you have an awesome crafty tattoo? Maybe it features a sewing machine or an embroidery needle? Post them here and yours just might be the next tatt

Would change it to tweety and Sylvester instead! But I love it!

Calvin and Hobbs Tattoo. This is wicked cute! I'm going to get a Calvin and Hobbes tat in honor of my Grandma Helen.