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And so because of this I remember that I traded a Legendary Pokemon Card for Eevee and all her evolutions. but I LOVE EEVEE NONETHELESS

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Stop scrolling, and like this picture of Pikachu eating a lollipop.---> you just remind me of the fact that there is no LIKE BUTTON

Cheezburger.com - Crafted from the finest Internets..

What? Raichu is Devolving!

Pokemon Color Wheel

Pokemon Color Wheel

Gotta catch 'em all! And that's just what artist Avalon has done, bringing all 649 fictional Pokémon species together to create this unique colour wheel.

All of the starters

All of the starters drawn in their premier style/colors/shading. Point proven: every generation of Pokemon gets uglier

Here You Go!

this is supposed to be in halloween.and CUTE pikachu is asking for a lollipop ^^


This is why I don’t open iFunny in public