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The thing that i think most people didn't get about Gambit was that his only power was to charge things till they would explode, the throwing cards thing, was just him being awesome. Gambit by Jey Soliva *

Pantera negra

T’Challa is the Black Panther, the warrior king of the African nation of Wakanda. Black Panther was the first mainstream black superhero.--- anyone else super excited about the movie announcement? it's about time they did a Black Panther movie.

Dea  & friends ☺

The Rain Maker Art by: Greg Land Did you know that Storm and Cyclops had a battle to see who would be the leader of the X-men in Uncanny X-Men issue The results were surprising as a de-powered Storm beat Cyclops!

X- men mangá

Manga X-Men Art by: Unknown i’m not sure who did this but it looks great! You can tell by looking at Jubilee and see the Manga Style but it is not to heavy which makes it more appealing.

Cool son of a bitch!

Pin it to Win it Summer of Heroes movie Collection including Iron Man Man of Steel and The Wolverine starring Robert Downey Jr. Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman. From Enter to Win here:

X Men

X-Men Storm, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine by Carlos Pacheco

Magneto's last stand!

Magneto vs The Avengers by Mike Deodato Jr - see the chest tattoo of this elsewhere in this folder!