*waving white flag franticly* Keep calm? I'm going to get killed! Please don't kill me, I have relatives in your country!

YES! ..........Sammie I am sorry you have to put up with this all day.........

Shine Bright like a Doitsu<<< My sister set this as the background for our computer. It was in slideshow, too. So many pictures. of shining bright like a doitsu.


I swear, Switzerland gets all the best quotes. xD Here's another of my favorites: Liechtenstein: *hands Switzerland a sandwich* How is it? Switzerland: It tastes like sandwich. Man, Switzerland is great :D

Hetalia Birthdays (what about Monaco? And the other micros?!)

Hetalia Astrology, I'm one day off from Seychelles and Canada and Hong Kong. Lol July 4 is America <<< ((Hetalia Birthdays. mine is the same as Latvia's))

Hetalia Sleepover Meme by Ki-chain-Sakura on deviantART

Hetalia Sleepover Meme by Ki-chain-Sakura on deviantART this is hilarious!

France and England

:D I've ever been a England x France fan.the caption should say: when boys (other than France) hug you from behind!)<< not my otp but it's true