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I'll always be on time, I'll bring chocolates. I'll hold the door open, I'll remember my birthday, and I'll always know how to make me smile. I'll even pay for dinner!

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You're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter. This describes my race pace!

Pretty much.

I'm at the point of the semester where I'm hoping my future husband is doing really well in school right now


I call my cat a traitor because he will leave me to go cuddle with my sister.

I'm a firm believer in the definition of this word: winter (noun) - the three month break between a woman and her razor. lol. truth

Meme definition sign reads: Winter (noun): the three month break between a woman and her razor. I thought the break between a woman and her razor was her wedding day till her death bed.

I'm sorry, but I'm almost crying right now.

Don’t even start with that…

Who cares I'm awesome.

i want this to be the caption on my christmas card while im holding my cat. while wearing matching sweaters. with a straight face.<------- leaving caption because its funny

Haha! But really I don't have an answer except I guess the timing isn't right for him and me yet.

My expression every time. "When someone asks me why I'm still single"

I don't play stupid though.

Literally every day of my life. i always have to explain that I'm not a creeper. i just have a photographic memory!

A Mormon giraffe would have hot chocolate instead of coffee. But really, poor giraffe.

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Emotionally, You're As Strong As A Bear. And In Terms Of How Great You Are At Napping, Well, That's Also Very Bear-Like. & Bears Are The Best, Aside From Their Occasional Killing!  *Daily Odd Compliments

Daily Odd Compliment: Emotionally, you're as strong as a bear. And in terms of how great you are at napping, well, that's also very bear-like. And bears are the best, aside from their occasional killing.

Divergent insurgent allegiant pitch perfect funny memes

Awww man, it just reminded me of the Allegiant ending.