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How to make Tarn (t-shirt yarn)~Cool!

Lay out your shirt. One with little to no printing on it is preferable. The printing sits on the surface of the material and thus makes i.


Upcycle Old T-Shirts - Yarn - Turn your t-shirts into yarn to use for other DIY projects. There's a special way of cutting up your t-shirt so it becomes a continuous roll of yarn.

no-sew(or knit or crochet!) braided rug-beautiful! made of recycled t-shirts if you can believe that!

A no-sew rag rug, awesome! I'm currently weaving a t-shirt rag rug on a hoola-hoop, but I'd love to try this technique next as I can make the rug as big as I like (not as big as the hoola-hoop allows) =D

Making old T-Shirt yarn

Show Tell Share: GREEN challenge T-shirt yarn rug

My first "Tarn" (t shirt yarn) project! New kitchen rug made from old t-shirts!!!

My first "Tarn" (t shirt yarn) project! New kitchen rug made from old t-shirts!

cool! Tutorial of How-To-Make-TShirt Yarn out of your old T.

T-Shirt Yarn - How to Make

Learn how to recycle old seamless t-shirts into T-shirt yarn. The T shirt yarn is perfect to crochet and knit into basket, bag, rug, scarf etc. – Page 2 of 2

Make your own T-shirt yarn without spending a dime!  {and it's super soft!}

recykl T-Shirt Yarn {DIY}.learn how to make something beautiful out of your old shirts.

Tarn (T-shirt yarn) Placemats and Rug

Tarn (T-shirt yarn) Placemats and Rug

How to make fabric yarn from old t-shirts:

What to do with old t shirts - 15 ways to upcycle your old tees

DIY T-Shirt Yarn . Will definitely have to do this with the t-shirts that don't tie-dye as I'd like them to. Does anyone have any completed t-shirt-yarn projects to share?