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Ive met her before, so check! BUT I MUST MEET HER MANY MORE TIMES



Breaks my heart that my dad won't be there, but I pray that I get married soon so that my mom sees me walk down the isle


Bucket list- Meet Bethany Hamilton , she is a very insperational woman and I want to meet her SO BAD

This will be us one day :D


I WILL marry my highschool sweetheart :) I feel so lucky to have found the love of my life so early on. Guess it makes sense, both our parents are highschool sweethearts so we did have some good role models growing up.

Laughing so hard bc I hate Taylor and I would hate to meet her but if I could ask her I would

Step one: Meet Taylor Swift. Step two: Become BFF's Step three: ask her who her songs are about. We should so do that!